Tuesday 21 April 2009

Lights Out and upcoming events

20.30 – 21.30, Friday 24 April

To remember Ian Tomlinson and those who have died in police custody, the United Campaign Against Police Violence (UCAPV) has called for lights across Britain to turn off for one hour this Friday.

Businesses, homes, universities, and other institutions are asked to pay their respects through an hour of darkness and contemplation.

This is the first activity in a rolling programme of action called by the newly formed United Campaign Against Police Violence, set up following the outcry over G20 policing and the death of 47-year-old newspaper vendor, Ian Tomlinson.

The action is supported by, amongst others, ex-Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, John McDonnell MP, Green Party assembly member, Darren Johnson, and Samantha Rigg-David, whose brother, Sean Rigg, died in police custody in August 2008.

Darren Johnson AM said: “The images of police violence against innocent people were absolutely sickening. I fully support the Lights Out action – London needs to stick together on this.”

Ken Livingstone said: “Those who talk up the threat of violence have to ask themselves whether they played a role in creating the circumstances that led to Ian Tomlinson’s death.”

John McDonnell MP said: “Ian Tomlinson's death was a tragedy. We need to know the truth about why and how it happened and we need to ensure that lessons are learned so that no other demonstrator suffers harm or dies on our streets. I fully endorse the call for Earth Hour to be repeated in memory of Ian Tomlinson.”

Samantha Rigg-David said: “Families have been fighting for years for their loved ones to be remembered, for their deaths in police custody not to be swept under the carpet and for justice. We support the Lights Out action on 24th April 2009 as it will be a small symbol of how it continuously feels for us, to live without them.”

The Den, Saturday 25th April
Assemble: Zampa Road, SE16, 14.20

Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT union and Millwall fan, will distribute leaflets for the United Campaign Against Police Violence, at the Millwall – Leyton Orient game at The Den. He will be joined by Barry, a friend of Ian Tomlinson and fellow Evening Standard seller. They invite campaigners and the media to the event.

Bob Crow said: “This is just the beginning of the campaign against police violence – Ian Tomlinson will not be forgotten.”

Barry said: “I knew Ian for 26 years and he loved Millwall. I’ll be among campaigners to make sure Ian is never forgotten”

Further details will follow.

Further campaign activities include:
Thursday, 30 April:
Lobby of the Metropolitan Police Authority meeting on G20 policing, City Hall. With Jenny Jones, Green Party Assembly Member.
May Day protests, details to be released.
Tuesday, 5 May. Launch rally at Friends House, London.
Saturday, 23 May. Mass demonstration through London.
(More details on these events will follow.)

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  1. All the best possible wishes for this hugely important campaign. I hope to be there for at least some of the demonstrations in the next month.