Thursday 21 May 2009

Saturday: Get ready to march and kettle!

Don't forget! 3pm, Trafalgar Square, this Saturday!
Just a few days to go now before we march from Trafalgar Square to New Sctoland Yard to kettle the police... Please note the map of the route on this site.

We have been picking up more support this week, with Sussex and Essex Students' Unions affiliating. Today we also have the great news that the public service PCS union has become the first national trade union to affiliate!

Today London's Green Party MEP, Jean Lambert, said this is a press release to publicise the protest:

"It was horrifying to witness the heavy-handed tactics employed by police on the streets of London during the G20 summits in April, and deeply disturbing to learn of the death of Ian Tomlinson, an innocent man. This Saturday we will remember Ian Tomlinson, Jean Charles de Menezes, who was killed four years ago, Brian Douglas who died in 1995, Blair Peach, who was killed 30 years ago, and all those people – more than 1,000 – who have died in police custody since 1969.

“Of course we recognise that the police face an increasingly difficult task in keeping our streets safe, but there must be no trade-off with our civil liberties.

“The police should be helping to rid our streets of violence – not adding to it. The breadth of support for the UCAPV shows that people from all backgrounds are no longer prepared to see civil liberties undermined and threatened by the very force which exists to protect us. We must ensure that public trust in the police is rebuilt, and that respect for human rights becomes a fundamental principle of modern policing.”

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