Thursday 6 August 2009

Tomlinson Family Say “CPS Must Leave It To A Jury” After IPCC Refer Evidence To CPS

Message from Ian Tomlinson's widow, Julia Tomlinson, on the Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign website.

“It has been a very difficult four months since Ian died and it is a relief to see some progress. The last information that the coroner put out was Dr Cary’s view that Ian died from internal bleeding. Video footage made it clear to us, and everyone else, that Ian was the victim of an unprovoked assault by a police officer. If there is going to be any justice then it must be left for a jury to decide if the police officer is guilty of killing Ian. I hope the CPS will get the case in front of a jury as soon as possible. We would like to thank everyone who came forward as witnesses”.

Any enquiries to be sent to iantomlinsonfamilycampaign [at] gmail dot com. More info about the campaign can be found at:

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