Wednesday 2 December 2009

Report from vigil for Ian Tomlinson

The vigil for Ian Tomlinson in the City of London last night brought together friends and family of Ian as well as some of us who have campaigned for justice to be served.

Julia Tomlinson, Ian’s wife, said at the vigil, “All we want is a proper investigation… We will not give up until we get it.”

The following weeks will especially difficult for the family as they cope with their first Christmas without Ian.

Alongside family members, those who gathered heard from John McDonnell MP and Vivian Figueiredo, Jean Charles de Menezes' cousin.

The road to finding justice still has far to go. The family are currently awaiting the CPS decision on how they will respond to the IPCC dossier into Ian’s death.

The United Campaign against Police Violence will support the Tomlinson family however we can in the tough months ahead, and they should know that ourselves and the organisations represented in our campaign are with them.

The protest was covered widely on the evening news, click here for reports from BBC News and the Evening Standard.

Pictures and video from the vigil will follow shortly - watch this space. Check out the Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign website and the Harpymarx blog for more information.

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