Wednesday 31 March 2010

G20 police officer Delroy Smellie cleared of assault

Police officer Deloy Smellie, who attacked Nicola Fisher at the G20 protests, has been cleared of common assault for striking Fisher with a metal truncheon.

Smellie apparently thought that the object in Fisher's hands - a carton of orange juice - was a weapon. The magistrates believed him.

Here is that footage again. Does Smellie really look under threat? Or does it look like he is attacking an innocent protester?

To make sure other police officers aren't let off the hook for their contempt for peaceful protest, join tomorrow morning's vigil to remember Ian Tomlinson, who died after being struck by police as he was trying to get home.


  1. He got off, what a surprise!

  2. Your Campaign rep on Radio 4's PM prog tonight wasn't up to much - he was all over the place -a missed opportunity.

  3. Some on must know where smellie lives.
    Post his address and let the people decide
    his future

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  5. Karl,

    Be careful what you post. My husband mentioned in a facebook blog that he wished the address of the officer who had assaulted me so that he could remonstrate with him personally.

    Within 24 hours we had our first visit, then a couple of days later they came round mob handed, broke down my door, put me in handcuffs, kicked my rescue dog and arrested my husband for harassment.
    (The officers notebook entry that made me chuckle most was: 'I kicked Mr Mercer in the shins in order to pacify him.' Who in the world is pacified by being kicked in the shin!?)

    A day long trial in front of a magistrate found him guilty. (Compare to the response of the police to Pilkingtons harassment)

    A 15 minute appeal with no witnesses and the county judge merely reading what was posted and he was found not guilty. (Within 15 seconds he said: 'Hmm... This seems to be a freedom of speech issue.')

    Although it was nice to play the public enemy song very loud as we passed the 5 cops who had attended squeezing into a patrol car, I would not say it was worthwhile overall.

    Find a way to protest that will not cost you personally quite so much.