Thursday 22 July 2010

No charges on officers over Ian Tomlinson's death. No justice, once again.

The CPS report into the death of newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson has stated that no police officers face charges of any form over Ian's death, despite video and photo evidence clearly showing Ian being attacked by a police officer.

This is another example of the police and the whole justice system denying justice to those killed by police and protecting instead the perpetrators.

We will now assemble at 1pm at New Scotland Yard to let the police know this is fooling nobody.

We will continue to fight for justice for Ian Tomlinson.

For the latest, check the Guardian report.


  1. Is there going to be a demonstration / vigil against this in Manchester? Albert Square 8pm tonight?

  2. The CPS is a joke, Ian Tomlinson was murdered in broad daylight by the Police. The post mortem concluded abdominal bleeding resulting in death - have you seen how he landed violently on his abdomen after being pushed over hard by the police? Yet no prosecution? This country is getting vert scary indeed! All he was doing was walking home from work for god sake!

  3. This is a joke. Following on from a number of other similar situations including that of Jean Charles de Menezes - and not to mention all those cases of people who have died in police custody and not to mention all the police cock-ups in investigating serious cases (e.g. the murder of Rachel Nickell) is it any wonder that the police have lost the confidence of the public. May I say most emphatically that in no way do I condone the actions of the cowardly thug Raoul Moat who shot unarmed and defenceless people but I am beginning to see why so many people are so anti-police.

    Dave, Bristol

  4. can we call for donations to fight a private prosecution?

  5. Good idea Chloe - I'd be happy put in £50 to see justice done. This issue should be put to a jury to decide - not left to the CPS who are 'in bed' with the police


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  7. MaggieT Not my idea ... but ... how about this Saturday 24th 1pm, St. James Park, Police Memorial to commemorate all those killed by coppers? Black armbands.