Tuesday 25 October 2011

Procession to Downing Street--no more deaths in custody!

This Saturday, 29th October 2011

12.30pm Assemble Nelsons Column Trafalgar Square, London, to march to Downing Street
Bring banners, wear black.

Families of those who have died in police and prison custody and secure state care will hold a silent procession and then deliver a letter of demands to the Prime Minister.

Over 300 people have died in police custody since 1998, yet no police officer has ever been brought to justice and the families still seek answers.

This annual march takes the campaign for justice to the door of Number 10.

Supported by the families of Kingsley Burrell, Sean Rigg, Smiley Culture, Roger Sylvester, Mark Duggan, Habib Ullah, Mikey Powell, Ricky Bishop and many more.

Come on Saturday to stand with these families in demanding answers.

Organised by United Families and Friends Campaign

Speaking in advance of the march, Marcia Rigg, sister of Sean Rigg who died in police custody in Brixton in August 2008 said:

"We will be marching to remember all our loved ones and to remind the Government that we are not going away. We need justice and positive action taken to ensure that this terrible list of deaths at the hands of the state has no more victims added to it."


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